Becoming a Therapy Dog?

My humans have informed me that I am going to start training to become a therapy dog.  I’m torn.  On one paw, I appreciate that they have faith that I can become a dog with a mission, me, a little mutt from the Florida/Georgia border.  On the other paw, I understand that I can no longer bark at everyone and jump on new people when I meet them.  That’s sad.  I like jumping on people and sniffing all their parts!  And barking? I need to bark because I don’t know who’s going to be my friend, and who’s going to jog by, like a fast-moving squirrel.

Honestly, I just want friends, and I need to tell everyone. My humans, however, say there are other ways to make friends.  I heard I’ll be fed smelly, delicious treats if I stay calm, that I can wag my tail, and that I’ll need to wait for a new human to come to me.  Hmmm…. that doesn’t seem fun.  Humans are so odd.  They don’t even sniff each other when they greet.  How do they know who’s going to rub their belly if they don’t know how they smell? 

Anyway, I think I do want to be a therapy dog.  I’ll get to be with my human more and make a lot of friends.  Maybe I’ll even get to write more blog entries if I learn to keep my paws on the ground and limit my barking.

I’m told I get to blog again after my official behavioral assessment.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

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