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In-Home Pet Care

STAY takes care of your pets in your home. This service may include washing food bowls, feeding pets, providing fresh water, letting a dog outside to a fenced yard, playing with a dog or cat, scooping cat litter, cleaning a fish tank, watering plants, or bringing in the mail.

Pet Transportation

STAY picks up your pet at home, safely transports it to
a scheduled appointment,
and returns your pet home.

Dog Walking

STAY walks your dog on a leash in its neighborhood or at a location you choose, in any weather.

Trips to the Dog Park

STAY picks up your dog, transports it to the Gloucester, Beverly or Danvers Dog Park, supervises play, and safely returns your happy, tired pup. Your dog may join others for a trip to the dog park, as up to three may travel together.

Pet Loss & Grief Counseling

Caring for a beloved ill or dying pet can be emotionally challenging. You don’t have to do it alone. STAY’s licensed social worker will help you through the difficult decision-making process at the end of a pet’s life and support you following the loss of your companion.

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