My Visit to Nevins Farm

Read chapter 1 of Luna’s training story here I don’t know why I worried because it was actually a very exciting day when my humans drove me to MSPCA-Nevins Farm in Methuen. We met with a new human whose boots smelled of different dogs, cats and even horses! Before I knew it, the humans were…
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Becoming a Therapy Dog?

My humans have informed me that I am going to start training to become a therapy dog.  I’m torn.  On one paw, I appreciate that they have faith that I can become a dog with a mission, me, a little mutt from the Florida/Georgia border.  On the other paw, I understand that I can no…
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Growing up in Pittsburgh in the 1970s, we always had pets at home on Bellerock Street. Molly, the grey and white cat, got her name from 8-year old Ken because we bought her at the mall (moll?). Polly, the tiger-striped cat, became Polly because our family liked to rhyme. Life went along swimmingly until I…
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