I’m a Big Sister Now.

It’s been awhile since I’ve had my paws on this keyboard. Yes, I successfully finished my Good Manners class and have a certificate to prove it. I sat, ate treats, laid down, ate treats, walked with my human while on a leash, ate treats, played Leave It, and then ate more treats. It was actually quite a breeze to get my Good Manners Certificate, and I’m definitely fatter.

Or I was fatter…but then they brought home what they call a miniature poodle. I think he looks like a baby lamb or a tiny gazelle, because he prances all over the place, chases me up and down the stairs, leaps over me, and chews on my ears. He is making a chill girl like me exercise day and night! They call him Sunny. I must admit he is a good playmate. He arrived at my home with delicious Science Diet that I prefer to my regular food. It works out because Sunny only wants my boring, supermarket food.

The problem is that I don’t seem to be Number One to my humans anymore. Sunny sits on their laps and sleeps on the big bed. But I am Number One with Sunny. He adores me so much, he won’t leave me alone until I slide under the couch and hide. I heard that one day when I was enjoying a ride to the airport to pick up one of my favorite humans, Sunny stayed home alone. He howled so loudly, for so long, the next door neighbor was worried about him. Since I’m the big sister now, I better take care of the little guy. He’s a fun little brother!