Good Manners

I’m tired! My first day in the Good Manners class was completely exhausting, and my belly is full of treats. Maybe a bit too full…

We drove to Nevins Farm on Sunday afternoon after I had already played soccer in the yard for over an hour with 3 big humans. Frankly, I just wanted to nap the rest of the day. The car, however, is one of my favorite things, so once I saw my mama had the leash, my shiny poop bag, and the smell of bacon was coming from her purse, I was out the door and jumping into the backseat.

Click, treat. Click, treat. Click, treat was how it went. Yes, there were other dogs and humans in the training room, but my humans kept making clicking noises and giving me those amazing bacon treats, so I kept looking them right in the eyes, sitting, laying down, putting up a paw, looking at their faces again, sitting, laying down, etc. Over and over, and then I settled down on the cool floor.  Even then, they kept giving me treats for being a “good dog”.  I was getting treats just for being tired!

This training thing is much easier than I expected. Maybe it’s because I’m not a little puppy but a mature 5-year old; that’s 35 years in Human years. Or, could I actually be the perfect angel my humans tell me I am?  There’s another class next week, and I heard it gets harder.  I’m going to have to learn commands I don’t already know.  But I’m not worried.  Somehow, someone giving me bacon for doing the right thing just makes me feel smarter…and maybe a little fatter too!