Pickles & Biscuit

Pickles was an only cat until the age of four, when her brother Biscuit came into the picture. Pickles was not pleased… she preferred her alone time. Unfortunately for Pickles, Biscuit was there to stay. Because Pickles was so used to being alone, she and Biscuit had trouble getting along. There were several fights and many whacks on the head. It became obvious that Pickles and Biscuit were experiencing increased stress. Thankfully, with the help of the veterinarian and a lot of research, their home was transformed to make them both more comfortable.

two cats looking out a window

Several cat trees and scratching posts were added in the home to provide stimulation and higher ground where both cats could feel safe. To provide more options and promote stress reduction, two more litter boxes were provided. Pheromone collars or plug-in pheromone diffusers were also recommended to help the cats adjust to their new situation. With these changes, the stress level of both cats significantly decreased.

Adding a new pet to the family is and exciting and happy time, but it can also cause stress. It is important to understand our pet’s behaviors and needs. In many situations, owners can take steps to reduce stressors, leading to a happier home for everyone.

Nowadays, Pickles and Biscuit enjoy their time watching the birds and basking in the sun. Though there are still a few head whacks here and there, they are in a much more comfortable place.

two cats looking out a window